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Evening trip to the end of the Island…chasing the sunset

Yesterday I went in a small trip to the end of the island to capture the sunset. Got there and realized that in order to capture the sun going into the sea I needed to cross a small mountain (you can see it in the photos on the left) but unfortunately I had no time and decided to take the pictures from where I was standing.

It was not the most amazing sunset ever but this is the thing with the sunsets. Mother nature needs to cooperate and give you the best out of her in order to get amazing results. That day she was not in the mood and decided to give me something average. So I will keep on trying until she will be in a good mood 🙂

On the way back we were driving through some hills so it was a good opportunity to capture the city of Paphos from above. The sky was clear (from time to time) so I also took some great photos of the stars.

Man those people living up there have a great view!

Here are the results. Enjoy!

c1 c2 c3 c4


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