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Selling photos online. Microstock

As a photographer I wanted to do something with my old photos and with my free time as well. So why not sell them online. (This is what they were advertising on their websites so why not? 🙂 )
Microstock is a relative new segment for me as I opened  my first account on Shutterstock towards the end of last year and I started to upload photos last winter(2013). Yes those who had already selling their photos since 4,5 years ago are having nice profits now but hey why not give it a try as well?!
I did some research about the whole concept and how it works and there is no exact formula for the success, basically you need to have as many photos as possible and be constant in uploading new ones. 
As this segment is dedicated to whatever type of industry  it is up to you to decide what photos you want to upload.

I also uploaded the photos on iStock, Dreamstime and Fotolia but not satisfied with them. Starting from the uploading process which is way easier on Shutterstock and ending with the overall results I prefer this website then the others. I get a response from them in maximum 2 days if the photo has been accepted or not, when with the other sites it took as long as 1 month.

As an overall opinion I think this can be a nice second income. As you will see from the bellow results  I will not get rich : ) however in the long term once I will have a bigger and better portfolio the results will be better. Time is the first enemy and this is what stopped me so far to develop this segment.

I also wanted to give my opinion regarding an app which I use to keep track of the sales from all the websites. The app name is Microstockr. I tried a few others before I discovered this one and I am very pleased with it. Very simple an intuitive. Just log in to your accounts swipe down to refresh and you see your results. Great app and I recommend it.

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I hope those little tips helps anyone who is interested in this field and I wish you best of luck!



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