Old photo recovered

A couple weeks ago I was going through some of my old photos and I wanted to try out some new editing techniques. In a forgotten folder I came across some raws of my hometown Arad that I took from the tallest hotel from the city center where I also worked for almost 2 years. It is a famous spot for most people to take photos of the old but beautiful city center.

The photo was taken with my old camera a Canon 400D with the crapy kit lens 18-55mm, crap lens 🙂 But I shot it in raw, correct exposure and good composition. So I had a solid starting point.
In the last period I was following a french photographer (Serge Ramelli) , living in Paris, France as he introduces himself in his tutorials 🙂 and I like his way of landscape editing technique.
So I said let’s try this on my photo. The result was higher than my expectations and I love this photo. I think it is one of my favorites. It stands out from the others that I saw taken from the same spot. This was my goal as well. I post it on my Fb page and from there it became the most shared photo from my page.
Thank you Serge 🙂

All this motivated me to recreate the photo when I will be back in May, climb higher on the building and try a panorama.

Enough talking and here is the photo.



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